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Checks Before You Buy
Q.1 I see pricing for several types of auctions. What is the price for a complete auction site that works identical to Auction-Website Script ?
There are three type of auction which is identical to Auction-Website Script
1. Penny auction
2. Penny auction version - 2
3. Penny auction version - 3
The pricing is depends on version that you choose.
Q.2 What is your rates for customizations?
  Customization rates depend on module or features you will require. But it will be very competitive.  
Q.3 Please let us know if you could offer us a discount in case we decide to purchase it ?
  Our prices are very competitive so we are not able to offer any discount in price at the moment.  
Q.4 Let us know if you could offer us any discount?
  For penny auction and penny auction ver 2 there is no discount avail so far as it has flat price.  
Q.5 Do you have money back period?
  We have showed demo on our website and we can do whatever customization you need as there is everything possible. After deliver of project there is no money back option. So we suggest you to check demo first and let us know your exact requirement before buying our scripts.  
Q.6 My proposal would be that you make the changes to the unique bid price section of the software to a fixed price, or if the original penny auction option can accommodate this would be great (detail required) ?
  OK, We can do this change without any extra cost.  
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