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Whats new ?
1. Profile Photo Gallery
You can take your snaps through your webcam or upload your existing snaps into your profile.
2. Google Translator
Administrator can change language files with google translator, which is inbuilt in admin panel
3. Database Backup Module
Administrator can take database backup from admin panel to maintain the information when needs.
4. Testimonial Management
Administrator can allow comments to display on Website which are received by users.
5. Multiple Administrator
Multi Administrators with different levels and privileges
6. Multilanguage with UTF-8 Support
Multilanguage support for all languages
7. Language and Flag manager
Administrator easily can update language files and can manage its flag for multilingual website.
8. Watermark Module
Watermark module protect site images which can be fully managed by administrator
9. Ajax Bid Module
Advance Bid module where user can bid instantly without refresh page on each bid.
10. Flashy Alert for attention
Flashy alert does attention to all users on a product when ever a user place bid on that product. Which helps to all user about a new bid placed on that product.
11. Reopen Auction
Administrator can Reopen the Closed auction at specific time as given by admin.
12. Administrator view stock
Administrator can view a particular product stock on closed auction list.
13. Cron file security
Cron file do not Accessible to other browser.
14. All type auction in excel report
Administrator can get upcoming,closed and current running auction excel sheet report
15. Auction status report
Administrator can get the auction status report of current running and closed auction.
16. Shopping
Administrator can set the particular auction to sale(without bidding).
17. Auto bidding
User can set minimum price, maximum price and total bids for a particular auction.
18. Autobid Time
User can bid on a auction by setting start time and close time.
19. Toll free numbers
Toll Free Numbers for 220 Countries, Sure to Boost your response rate, provides a way for customers to contact your company at no cost. This will enhance and explore your business to more customers.
20. SMS Marketing with unique keyword
A robust, flexible, cost effective & complete private-label SMS marketing solution with unique Keyword for your business to make all of your advertising instantly traceable and you can beat the competition and achieve positive ROI.
21. Email marketing software with Cpanel access
Put your business in the reach of more customers through Email Marketing Software with Cpanel access for security, speed and root level access. Helps to build targeted E-Mail list quickly, provides benefits for your business and dramatically increase your customer base for E-mail marketing!
22. PC to Phone Call Software
Make Calls anywhere in the world from your Computer at any number, any time you want with better Sound Quality than any other normal phone and no need for the other party to have a computer or wait for your call.
23. SMS or MMS API for SMS bidding module
By using the SMS or MMS API for bidding module you will be able to bid on the products through SMS, make you able to know the Upcoming Auction, Live Auctions and gives the ability bidding directly on the product or participate in the auction via SMS or MMS API.
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Advance Features
Features   Payment Options   SMS Options  

advarrow3   Seat Auction

topleft   topright
  A seat auction is something like to regular penny auctions but having some difference from regular penny auction. In regular penny auction user have to pay for every bid but in this seat auction user only have to pay for the seat price. A seat auction is limited to a set number of participants and the auction does not start until the minimum seat requirement has been met. The seat price and number of seats are sated by admin. When all the seat are fill the auction will start automatically and in this auction user dont have to too much worry about bids because bids are totally free of charge so user can place unlimited bid until the timer reach zero.

For example You launch a seat auction of Apple iPad 64GB WiFi and set 10 seats for this auction and per seat price is $10 now if user like to take part in this auction then he have to pay the seat price which is $10 and when the last mean no. 10 user reserve the last seat the auction will start and now user can place the unlimited bids and as like penny auction last bidder will be the winner.
botleft   botright

advarrow3   Bulk Uploader

  You dont have to add auctions one by one The Bulk Uploader feature is allows you, as the site administrator, to upload mass quantities of auctions on a category-by-category basis in your database. One thing you needs to do is get arrange your auctions data in a excel file (.csv) and auctions images in .zip folder. After do this you are ready to upload auctions. In just two easy steps you can add thousands of auctions in few minutes.

The Bulk Uploader is a great way for adding thousands of auctions in just few minutes.
Very easy to use.
Excel template where you just need to fill all the fields.
Arrange auctions category by category.
Less working with time saves.


  In this feature as a site admin you can add some avatar images, which are available for your site users. After adding this, your users can pick a new avatar in those pictures, which you added as profile picture. The avatar (profile picture) will show on user account and also show when they bidding.  

   Expend the Auction

  This is feature for your valuable users to get arrange the auctions to their need. In this feature every auction have the button to expend or collapse the auction. Let give your user the rights to resize the auction house window, this will fit that on your user screen, so they dont need to scroll the list to see the last items.  

   Buy New stock option

  Like normal auction stock you can also add BUY NOW stock in your admin panel. From this feature whenever any user buy any item from choosing BUY NOW option, it will decrease automatically from stock and when the stock finished the BUY NOW option will be removed form front-end.  

   Multiple Themes

  In this feature as a site admin you will set some themes for your user so your user have the option to select his favorite theme from his control panel.  

   Free and Premium member Auction

  a) Free action when all registered users can bid on the auction. But your user needs to register to bid.

b) Only Premium (members who pay a fee) registered users can bid on the auction. To be a premium user needs to pay a fee, this fee can be payed when register or when a client want to bid for a trip/holiday auction.

When inputting an auction in admin you will choose if its a FREE auction or only possible for premium members to bid.
When a users premier membership time is over, he will be automatically set to Free auction member and can only bid on free auctions and your user also receive a mail that membership as premium is over

   Free shipping module

  In this module you can add a time period for a user so during this period when that user going to pay for his winning products he will get free shipping, in other words admin giving free shipping services to a particular user.  

   Reback Bid module

  In this feature you as a site admin, can reback particular percentage of bids to your first or second runner up users account, which they placed in an auction.

For example: In an ended auction A is winner, B is first runner up and C is second runner up. In your admin panel you set the percentage of reback bid is 50%. So now A is winner so he get the product, B and C place 100 each bids so as your set percentage 50 each bids will automatically refund in B and Cs accounts.

   Honey jar module

  In this module you as a site administrator can add a honey jar, which is actually bonus bids for a particular user. This honey jar is visible to all the users but only be active for that user which is selected by you. So that particular user will get bonus bids.  

   Double winner Auction

  In double winner auction admin have option of launch double winner auction for there users. In double winner auction the Top two members would be the winner for same auction and will get the winning product.  

   Multiple Domain working

  A single website can run for different- different domains. If you want run your penny auction site for more then one domain so this feature will help you. In this feature your can manage all your domain sites under one admin panel so its easy to manage your users and auctions.  

   Upload data via Excel file

  In this feature Admin can upload a bulk new auctions from a Excel file.  

   Drag and drop auction

  On the front-end, user can drag and drop any auction of product to anywhere on the site page. User can set their priority products to right order. So he doesnt need to scroll down site page too much.  

   Auto refresh the Products

  When a product end on front-end then user dont have to refresh the page because after few seconds a new auction for the same product will start automatically on the place of ended product from stock which is added by admin.  

   Auto update qmap

  When user place a bid then user location to be mark on map QMAP is a balloon experiment to mark the user's location on the Google map. Our Auto Update Qmap feature tracks the location of the user when he places a bid and marks his location on the Google Map  


  That bar to be shown all user information in bottom The Qbar feature is used to show all the information about the user at the bottom of the page.  

   Predict auction

  When user to predict final price of a auction then after ended user predict right value then get free bids.In this feature on the front-end user can predict the final price of an auction. When the bids are placed on the auction and the auction ends at the predict value given by the user then that user who had given the prediction of the final price would get some free bids in his account.
For example, if user A predict $10 final price value for an auction item and the auction ends at $10 then user A would get some free bids in his account by the Admin.

   Weekly or monthly prize

  Weekly/monthly to be defined a prize then after end week/month most place bid or most purchase bid top 3 user declare a winner of defined prize .In this feature, as being the site Admin, you can define weekly or monthly prize for your users. As the week or month ends then the top three users (Users who have placed maximum bids in the auction or Users who have purchased the maximum bids in the set time duration) would be declared the winners of the defined prize by the Admin.  

   Facebook integration on site

  Facebook feature to be integrate for like, share, friend, etc In this feature as being the Site Admin, you can integrate Facebook on your site for Like, Share, Friends etc. These are quite capable of performing a lot of social networking weight on your website. Facebook integration on site allows you to create incremental traffic to your site, by posting user submitted actions to their Facebook walls. These will also appear in the news feeds of the user's friends, which create a viral effect.  

   Site configure on facebook application

  Create a facebook application to be shown your website or facebook account users to also working on it means connect to facebook with permission or facebook account user to place bid directly.In this feature, as being the site Admin, you can configure your site on Facebook with Facebook Apps. This Facebook application will be visible on your site. The Facebook users will be able to connect their accounts with your Facebook application and Facebook users can place bids directly on the auction products from their accounts.  

   Different type of cash back option

  All type of cash back option like first winner to get back defined percentage of bids, first or second winner to get back defined percentage of bids, first or second or third winner to get back defined percentage of bids, all losser to get back defined percentage of bids In this feature, as being the site Admin, you can set the different types of Cash Back Options for your users. You can set the various options for the users like here as under:- a. You can define a set percentage of bids given back to the first winner of the auction. b. You can define a set percentage of bids given back to the first and/or second winner of the auction c. You can define a set percentage of bids given back to the first and/or second and/or third winner of the auction. d. Or you can define a set percentage of bids given back to all the losers who have placed bids in the auction  

   Profit/loss report

  Admin to see all reports of auction profit or loss.In this feature, as being the site Admin, you can see all reports of profit or loss of the auction.  

   Report with CSV or graph

  All report to be shown in CSV or graph.In this feature Admin can see and extract all the repots in the CSV format or Graph.  

   Won auction exchnage to bids

  After winning auction final price to be exchange in bids by a user .In the feature Admin gives the facility to the users to exchange his final auction price into bids. Means users have the facility that if he wins the auction then he can exchange his final price of the auction into the bids.  

   Transfer bids between two users

  Users to transfer bids in between your friends.In his feature on the front-end user has the facility to transfer or distribute the bids between his friends or in his friends account.  

   Message center

  All user sent or receive messages to be shown here like inbox, outbox, read, unread On the front-end this feature facilitate the users to send and receive the messages and the icons would be shown before the users as like Inbox, Outbox, Read and Unread.  

   Control auction limit

  Won auction limit of user control from here for a day, week, month, current bidder.In this feature Admin can set the winner users auction limit. Means Admin can set the limit for the winning auction for the particular users that the user can win and played the auction at the set limit for a day, week, month decided by the Admin.  

   Redeem coupons

  User to recharge you voucher from here anytime.In this feature users have the facility to redeem their coupons anytime. User can recharge his account on behalf of the redemption of the coupons from anywhere and anytime.  
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